FITspot Community

Join our upbeat FITspot community in Cedar Rapids

If you're a health and wellness enthusiast or you just really like our smoothies and shakes, you're invited to join The FITspot community. As a preferred member, you'll receive an immediate 20% discount and can also qualify for additional discounts.

Our community fosters a positive, judgment-free environment. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join and share their health journey as we grow together.

Call our club today to learn more about our FITspot community.

Growing stronger together

At The FITspot, we want you to feel comfortable and completely yourself. Everyone is learning and growing in a different way, but we're all working towards our health goals. When you join our friendly, welcoming community, you'll:

  • Develop strong friendships with like-minded people
  • Receive helpful coaching and wellness tips
  • Grow mentally, physically and emotionally

Visit our club today to join The FITspot community.